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Fort Collins Did you know: Actually Clean suggests to all our clientele that yearly cleaning would comply with high quality manufacturers like Shaw Manufacturing

Our solution is a neutral Ph of 7 and is non-toxic, hypoallergenic

What Actually Clean Will Do

Upholstery Cleaning Fort Collins Our A-Team technician will arrive promptly to intricately inspect your upholstered items taking special attention to locate stains, spots and wear.

Our technician will take the time to address any questions or concerns you may have before they start.

We will then begin performing a dry vacuum of your upholstered items with our extremely powerful Aero Tech truck powered equipment to remove dust and debris that have accumulated within the fibers of the upholstery.

Furniture is generally not vacuumed enough and over time the fabric can hold a good deal of soil and filth. This soiling can create rapid deterioration from the particles of dirt and debris because they create a friction on and in the fibers of the fabric making small tears and stressing the integrity of the fabric.

Once Vacuuming Is Complete

Fort Collins Upholstery Cleaning If the cleansing agents are not thoroughly rinsed off the upholstery a residue will be left behind. This residue which is often a combination of left-over cleansing chemicals and deliberately applied “deodorizer” = perfume , will act like a magnet drawing in more resoiling and attract more filth, wearing your furniture out faster.

Once vacuuming is complete our A-Team technician, using our non-toxic, hypoallergenic cleansing agents, will mix a customized solution to fit your upholstery’s particular needs. Because our machines are Aero Tech truck powered we generate more power to heat our steam and much much more power to completely extract the cleansing formula and moisture that have collected the soil and debris within the fabric. Our cleaning “wands” facilitate a stronger delivery of the steam and much more effective extraction of the unwanted filth that was in your upholstery is now contained in the moisture solution being removed from your upholstered item.

Applying Steam At Over 230° Farenheit!

Fabric Steam Cleaning Actually Clean’s methods combined with Aero Tech power allow for a complete and total rinsing of your upholstered item. We “Actually” rinse the fibers thoroughly and throughout your furniture’s fabric. This complete rinsing is very important and what sets Actually Clean apart from the others. We do not apply a “deodorizer”, which is just a perfume, to have your furniture smell different, we “actually” REMOVE the filth through intense extraction leaving your fabric smelling renewed without fragrance. Many companies apply a fine mist to your furniture and then vacuum the piece and call “that” “cleaning“.

What this means for your our customer is that we apply steam at over 230 degrees fahrenheit which is hot enough to kill bacteria residing in your upholstered fabrics. Science says that it takes 180 degrees to kill bateria, fortunately Actually Clean runs temperatures well over 200 degrees which will kill bacteria, clean dirt and grease better and not damage your carpet.: we really do offer “Actually Clean” upholstery! Our cleaning solutions are pH neutral , Non Toxic and Non-allergenic! Your, now “Actually Clean”, upholstery will be completely dry within hours not days!

Your upholstered furniture will be “Actually Clean- ed” and protected safely for you, your pets and plants with no lingering toxic fumes, perfumes or chemical residue to cause irritation or harm to your furniture, your pets, and your person.

Applying non-toxic, hypoallergenic Fabric Protectant

Fort Collins Actually Clean knows that your upholstered surfaces in your home or business are there to be enjoyed. To protect your upholstered fabrics Actually Clean can also apply a fabric protectant to your upholstered fabrics. Our solution is a neutral Ph of 7 and is non-toxic, hypoallergenic

Upholstery Protection maintains a more vibrant color palette of the fabric longer and you can feel comfortable knowing that liquid will not penetrate the fibers causing staining, a permanent watermark or destruction to your furniture investment.

Choosing Actually Clean to clean your upholstery upholds your furniture’s warranty. Cleaning with other products or using other machine methods can result in voiding your furniture’s warranty!

Ask your A-Team technician today about adding upholstery protection to your furniture! Proper care and maintenance of your upholstered furniture will result in extending the life of your investment!

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