Do you want to ensure that your carpet has a long – lasting life? Well, then apart from the daily maintenance of the carpet, there are some additional tricks that can help you make your carpet look brand new.

Here are few pro carpet cleaning tips and tricks from our technicians that are worth a try to keep your carpet fresh and new.

How Do You Clean Carpets like a Pro?

  • Blotting: Spills and stains are unavoidable, period. The most common reaction to such spills is that we tend to take a cloth and start rubbing the stain off in a back and forth motion. However, in order to contain the stain and not let it spread further or deeper, you must blot it from the top and slowly move inside. Do not scrub or rub as it will only deepen the stain and loosen the weave fibers of the carpet.

    How do you blot carpet? Grab a clean white 100% cotton rag or paper towels and cover the spot by laying the white cloth and letting it naturally soak-up the wetness and any surface moisture for 1 minute. Afterwards, press down onto the the cloth to further soak-up liquid that has traveled down between the fibers and pooled at the root of the carpet pad. It is common to use more than 1 cloth during this process.

    Once the area is damp to the touch, grab another clean white cloth and gently wipe the carpet in a side-to-side motion without pressing down too firmly. Doing it too firmly, will make the carpet fibers break apart, making the stained area visible from any part of the room, and it will be obvious that a stain has been incorrectly cleaned up.
Carpet Cleaning Tips for Stains
Carpet Stains are Inevitable
  • Vinegar and Water: A 70/30 mixture of water to vinegar can help reduce the appearance of a stain by oxidizing the fibers to promote a better clean. There are various carpet cleaning solvents that can be purchased online or locally, but your due-diligence in researching certifications, what type of carpet fibers are correct for the solvent, and any other possible information will be your best bet in choosing the correct carpet cleaning spray bottle.

    A lot of companies are moving to 100% natural ingredients as it’s better for the environment and household personnel and pets. Other ingredients that are common to see around households when adding to a DIY carpet cleaning spray solution is OxiClean™ liquid, and Zote soap.

    What is Zote soap? Zote bar soap is made in Mexico, and is a leader in the laundry stain market. Zote bar soap is made with an ultra-concentrated formula that removes even tough stains. It is made by hand using only natural ingredients.

    *Each ingredient used is up to the homeowner’s discretion. A solution should be tested for possible damage to the carpet. The homeowner is responsible for any damaged carpet by DIY cleaning. We recommend calling a local professional carpet cleaner.
  • Tackling Wax: One of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes happens when we try to remove wax from the carpet. Because of its sticky nature, when we try to remove wax, we also tend to pull out the carpet fibers. This job should be left to the professionals as common mistakes can lead to damaged carpet and discoloration of carpet fibers.

    Another possible solution, during your call when hiring a carpet cleaner, they can walk you through some emergency steps on how to clean wax from carpet until the technicians arrive. Some common advice is to cover the wax with a cloth and then run an iron over it. Before going any further on advanced steps to remove wax, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.
  • Regularly Vacuum the carpet: In order to ensure that the carpet does not accumulate a lot of dust, it is recommended to vacuum the carpet every few days. This not only helps it to give a fresh and clean look, but also makes the fibers stronger and improves the overall health of the carpet.
  • Utilize Professional Carpet Cleaning Services: It is strongly recommended to hire professional carpet cleaning services to clean carpets and regularly maintain floors. Professional carpet cleaning companies are a team of certified technicians who are fully aware of the correct treatment required for your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

We hope that you are better equipped with knowing how to handle carpet cleaning and carpet stains. The most important step in keeping a carpet clean is jumping on stains when they happen and correctly handling it and hiring a professional carpet cleaner that can regularly maintain a long-lasting carpet.

Best Carpet Cleaning Tips and Stain Tricks
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