Expert Preservation of Varied Tile & Grout Surfaces

Actually Clean Understands The Value of Having Truly Clean Tile & Grout

Tile Cleaning Fort Collins Tile and Grout pose a unique cleaning challenge. Even though tile appears to be a smooth surface it is actually composed of hundreds and thousands of little microscopic pores. These tiny indentations can be hiding place for dirt and worse; bacteria. Grout is particularly porous and due to it’s softer texture dirt and bacteria can get caught in those surfaces very easily.

Mopping with harsh chemicals on tile and grout does not “Actually Clean” these varied surfaces.

The cleaners/chemicals are often heavily perfumed, which is perhaps a nicer smell then before...but they are still toxic fumes! Those common chemicals & cleansing compounds will still be leaving bacterium/microorganisms behind on your tile &grout flooring!...alive!...and now mixed into tiny crevasses, nooks & crannies…

“Let my team of experts handle the care and maintain your tile & grout for a lifetime of beauty and value.” - Owner, Dirk Fowler

Tile And Grout Cleaning Fort Collins Hey, we have tile and grout in our home too. Actually Clean knows the value of having clean tile and grout for those times when the appearance of your home should be the last thing on your mind. Moreover, we know the professional way to maintain and protect tile and grout, keeping your surfaces spotless. Getting grout lines cleaned out can be a real pain if one does not have the proper equipment and grout cleaning solutions, chemistry and tools. With our professional team we give your tile and grout that original shine and brightness it once had. Get back eye catching, shiny beautiful tile and grout and you won’t have other eyes looking at you in that questioning way!

Hiring a professional contractor (we recommend Actually Clean of course) is the sure fire way to remove the dirt that porous grout allows to be trapped in. If you have simply been mopping your tile floors you will be amazed at the hidden beauty when we professionally remove that hard to get at dirt in the grout lines. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!

An Actually Clean Technician, our A-Team, will visually inspect your Tile and Grout surfaces, taking the time to notate areas that will require specific attention. Our technician will then discuss with you any areas of concern formulating a plan that you understand prior to beginning.

Once your questions and concerns have been addressed to your satisfaction our A-Team will begin work on your Tile & Grout. Our Technician will then formulate a customized pH neutral , Non-Allergenic & Non Toxic cleansing formula for your flooring’s particular needs.

Our A-Team will then use our “wands”, our tool that both delivers and extracts moisture, delivering pressurized steam at a temperature of at least 230 degrees Fahrenheit onto the tile and grout loosening the debris. Actually Clean’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic solutions combined with our higher temperature steam delivery system provides a powerful dual attack on dirt mold, mildew and bacteria that is second to none.

The fluid that is now holding captured tiny pieces of dirt, now dead bacteria and other filth will be suctioned off the tile and grout, through the extraction wand, leaving your flooring surface dry and “Actually Clean“!

Now, that your Tile and Grout are thoroughly clean, our A-Team Technician will re-inspect the entire tiled surfaces making sure you are pleased with your completed cleansing.

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