"Red Carpet" Fort Collins Rug Cleaning

Masters of Cleaning Even The Most Stubborn of Stains

Fort Collins Rug Cleaning Actually Clean can clean your Wool, Persian, Oriental, Natural or Synthetic fiber Area Carpeting and Rugs with a cleaning solution that has a neutral Ph of 7 and is non-toxic, hypoallergenic. We can arrange to pick up your rugs and take them to our facility for meticulous servicing.

Using our non-toxic, hypoallergenic cleaning and protection agents Actually Clean will get your area carpeting and rug “Actually Clean”! Our formulations are pH Neutral, Non-Allergenic & Non Toxic, which means for you, our customer, there will not be any harsh or toxic fumes creating air pollution in your home from our services. Your area carpet / rug will be safe for you, your children, pets and plants!

Rugs and Area Carpets can be made from many types of natural and synthetic fibers. Our A-Team Technicians understand the specific requirements needed for each of these materials and has specific protocols to maximize the cleansing process. Combine a clean Area Carpet and Rug with a protectant and you can add years to it’s life.

“Let my team of experts handle the care and maintain your area rugs for a lifetime of beauty and value.” - Owner, Dirk Fowler

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Actually Clean is ready to provide this "Red Carpet" service to your area carpet and rugs today!