Uh Oh! - Did Someone Spill Something Red?

Lucky For You Actually Clean Guarantees 100% Red Stain Removal

Red Stain Removal Did you know: Most professional carpet cleaning companies, manufacturers of private expensive "in-home" use, and even the ironically red colored rental "do-it-yourself" machinery are particularly careful to limit your expectations on their ability to remove red stains.

Stain Removal That Really Works!

Stain Removal Service Retail products available off your grocer's shelf, wholesale carpet cleaning supply companies that manufacture cleaning chemicals and cater to van mounted carpet cleaners that can come to your home will attempt the removal of many types of stains; especially pet stains and their odors, yet, not red stains.

They may even rid your carpet of the visible pet stain and successfully mask the lingering and distinct pet odor with heavily perfumed formulas. These experiences may even shake your “resolve” in products or any other services’ ability to provide you with clean carpet.

Their "fresh" scent of "clean" is simply perfumed chemicals that are technically a type of residue that is deliberately applied to your carpet and upholstery.

Remove Wine Stain With a protocol like that.. well of course removing a red stain is not possible! If they depend on leaving residue masked as a sign of a clean carpet, then of course they do not have the ability, chemistry, or technique to effectively remove a red stain.

Where other companies may state "red stains are not removable"; Actually Clean challenges that premise completely with a 100% Guarantee that Actually Clean CAN and WILL remove that pesky red stain and has developed a method that removes RED stains in carpeting and rugs.

Most everything about “Actually Clean” is different to what most have become accustomed to as "carpet cleaning". Because we are so different we can clean with Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic, pH Neutral chemistry and simultaneously able to remove red stains 100% without harsh air polluting chemicals.

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