Actually Clean Carpet Cleaning

“The More Powerfully Intelligent Way To Clean”

Actually Clean uses state of the art Extraction carpet cleaning technology. First our A-Team Technician will examine your carpet with a thorough visual inspection making specific notes on high traffic or worn areas that will require special attention. The technician will visually search for spots and heavily soiled locations taking the time to determine which Actually Clean product will be most effective at removing the soil and debris.

Actually Clean’s A-Team Technician then skillfully injects water at temperatures over 230 degrees Fahrenheit while agitating the carpet fibers. This action is both killing bacteria mold, mildew and cleansing the fibers of the carpet. The now dirty solution is then suctioned out and the fibers are then rinsed clean.

Actually Clean’s truck powered system is so very powerful your carpet will be virtually dry when the cleaning is complete. Actually Clean will leave your floor walk-able and will completely dry within hours..not days!

"With approximately 1 million rooms cleaned in 10 years; our experience is unparalleled!" - Owner, Dirk Fowler

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